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The agreement Concepts

The Company – Budapest AIRPORT TRANSFERS, enterprise services, location: 1161 Budapest, Hungary Arpad utca 30, tax number: 66697712-1-42 that provides this service in accordance with the general terms and conditions of delivery.
The Client – a company or individual who makes use of the Company’s services on the basis of the order or contract.
The Services / Transport – Client for mediated or provided by the Company’s Delivery or transport stream.

How to order

All necessary pre-order service. The orders can be arranged online through the website, where the user account is created automatically, or by e-mail or phone.

Customer Responsibilities

The Customer shall during transport, according to the instructions of driver behavior and observance of traffic safety rules. The Customer acknowledges that prior to shipment educated in all circumstances, including safety rules. The Customer also agrees that in no way cause damage to the means of transport of the vehicle and preserves purity. If you breach these obligations, the Customer is aware of the responsibility for damage caused by the activities of the Company or the ordered suppliers.
The Client is also obliged to board a transport vehicle to the agreed date, unless the objective reality in preventing, for example, the above mentioned reasons.

The validity of the terms and conditions valid for an unlimited period of time these Terms and Conditions from 1 June 2013. If you change these terms and conditions, which the Company reserves the right, for the Customer at the date of the general terms and conditions of the contract signing or the valid version Send or take optional.

Our promise

If an outsider us because of unforeseen circumstances, we can not pick you at the appointed time, the inconvenience to the general terms and conditions set out in compensation is given.

Payment methods

In cash

If the transferért or service you pay with cash, are accepted Hungarian forint (HUF) and all selected during the booking process major currencies such as British pound (GBP), Euro (EUR), US dollars (USD)


If the payment online using PayPal will charge a fee of 4% will be used up. If a credit or debit card to pay online in advance, the driver will know that you do not have anything more to do.

Bank Transfer

The payment of the invoice (bank transfer) only on request. If an invoice, in the contract before you have to catch a ride, except they be agreed differently with you. Invoices can be issued only in the following currencies: HUF, EUR. The account minimum amount of 200 EUR, otherwise € 10 administration fee will be charged.


If you pay directly to the driver, then the driver sets out the certificate, in case of online payment is made to the documents and send them by e-mail in PDF format.
When do you have to pay for the return trip?
The return flight, or in the case of bookings with more way you can choose to pay off the full amount at once, or pay for each ride separately. The driver will give you a proof of payment to each case document, which should be marked with the exact amount to be paid. If both paid pathway, on the way back to the show proof of payment instead of the driver.


For reservations, which the boarding location is outside Budapest, in a VIP limousines, some excursions, tours, and a larger group when the bus is needed, ask the payment of the advance (24 hours paid at least 30% down payment before the date of embarkation). If this is the case, we will inform the booking confirmation.

Waiting fee

If your flight or train is delayed, for any withdrawal fee is not charged. The airport passenger recording the drivers are waiting up to 60 minutes after the actual time of arrival and we will try to contact you. If you fail to check in, waiting for the driver to free up to 5 minutes, then try to contact you and offer a possible waiting time for the remaining charges. If the multi-stop trip is (eg, travel to a place where I wait before it is delivered to another location), the waiting fee is charged (the fees indicated on our site).

Changes and cancellations

Simple transports, shuttles, buses

If you want to change for any reason, or wish to cancel your booking, you can do a web-based customer management the interface, send us an email or call us at least two hours before his arrival in Budapest. Once you have paid for your trip, the full amount will be refunded. If the airline cancels or changes the flight, please let us know.
When the check-in takes place outside Budapest
The Budapest no other rules apply to change from the outside and surrendering the initial runs. Cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours before the scheduled start of a trip, otherwise 100% cancellation fee.


other general cancellation policy changes and the resignation of the luxury sedan (like the Mercedes E-Class and S-Class Mercedes vehicles) availability of transport services in Budapest than normal. Cancellation must be made 24 hours before the planned trip at the latest, because in case of failure of this 100% cancellation fee.

Refunds / Compensation

If you cancel service and entitled to a refund of previously paid online already, the amount paid will be credited automatically within a few days card used for payment. If not, the claim for reimbursement and compensation for all to notify in writing or by e-mail within 30 days. He is not entitled after the expiry of this period the refund / compensation, but nevertheless we will investigate your complaint. This does not affect the rights laid down in the rules. The maximum amount of compensation is limited to the total cost of the transfer.

complainant affairs

In the unlikely event that a problem arises, please follow this complaints procedure. In order to be entitled to claim damages, contact us immediately if you can not find the driver of, or experience other problems for a given facility. Then, if the problem is not resolved immediately over the phone please describe for us full details of the complaint.

Airport hostess service / Meet and greet

The airport hostess service upon arrival we welcome your group. The hostesses also provide information services. If the whole group gathered, the group will be escorted to the car or bus.

Child Seats

Children’s safety is important to us. When you book, please let us know that you are traveling with children, so we can provide the appropriate child seat, free of charge. Budapest Airport Transfer comply with safety recommendations on the transport of children to the local Ministry of Transport.

Infant child seat

Mostly infants 1 year of age appropriate child seats, up to 9 kg for infants.

Child seat

Child seat for children 9-18 kg, equivalent to 1-4 years of age.

Booster seats for children

Booster seats for children for children 18-36 kg, which is equivalent to 4-8 years of age.

Holiday home transfers

If you are in a holiday house or staying at home and the service quarters of the keys you need to rent office / agency before departure, not charging a premium. We will only be extra charges if the driver must wait on you (usually more than 15 minutes) for much longer.